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Welcome to Cells.
This is yet another art share livejournal community.
But this one is different from most others in two ways:
1.It is for ANY FORM OF ART, not a specific type.
2.It is not only for posting your art, but also for critiquing other art.

-Don't post your art if you are hyper sensitive and do not want to be critiqued.
-"Critique" is not synonymous with "insult." This is a community for constructive critism. The goal is to help artists grow and use their abilities to the fullest extent, not to make others feel like shit.
-When commenting on someone's work, don't just say 'i like it' or 'i don't like it'. Give reasons. Give tips. Be helpful
-If you are posting a long piece of writing or several photos/drawings, please use the lj cut for part of it. The code for this is [lj-cut text="bla bla bla"] your writing/picture [/lj-cut] but of course with<> instead of [], as with all html.
-Do not advertise other communities unless it is a relevant community and the advertisment is attached to a post which is relevant to cells (i.e. your art)
-After you post something, please go back and read other people's work and reply to the five posts below yours...you're welcome to comment on others as well, if you feel compelled to, but please at least comment on the five below your post. This is to keep the community fair. Thanks. If you have not done this within 24 hours, your post will be deleted without warning.
-Post frequently, comment frequently!
Thankyou! Have a happiness!

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